Alipay’s other main functions

Alipay’s other main functions

With the Alipay app you can also open a chat with friends: clicking on “Friends” will open up a page with your friends on Alipay, to add new friends it works similar to “Wechat”, just scan the QR code of the person you want to add to your page. This chat is especially used for transferring money long distance by using the “Transfer” button inside the chat.

It seems a long time ago when I never had cash to repay my friends money lent to buy a gift or a dinner: now there’s no excuse so long as my bank account isn’t in the red.

Alipay is the company’s most popular payment service and by now has become an almost indispensable tool for anyone living in China, because it simplifies many of the chaotic aspects of living in a metropolis in this large country that is still growing economically.

Proceeding on to explore other functions of the app, if you click on the “Me” button you can control your profile: inside our profile (a more sore point) clicking on “Transactions” we can see a history of transactions on Alipay, with a list of all the payments made.

The “Balance” button, still inside the profile page, indicates how much money is in your Alipay account: note that the application doesn’t tell you how much money you have available on the credit card tied to Alipay, but only the money you have available in your Alipay account, a little like “WeChat Pay” by Wechat. For example, money sent from friends are collected in your app account.

Money can also easily be transferred from your Alipay account to your credit card, by first clicking on “Balance” and then “Withdraw”, or vice versa, on the same screen, clicking on “Top Up” you can transfer money from the card to Alipay; a smart solution for keeping better control over your expenses with this application, since at present you can choose payment from Alipay or directly from the credit card.

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